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Speed Services Couriers offers a full courier service from your premises to delivery destinations on a national basis.

Door to door

Counter to door

Sameday courier

Door to Door

Items are collected from the sender’s premises for overnight delivery to the receiver’s door by 10h30.

Counter to door

Items are sent from the customers local Post Office for overnight door delivery by 10h30 the next morning.

Same day

Door delivery on the same day as the collection. Collection from a Post Office or Door. This service is only between major centres and is subject to flight availability.

Counter to Counter

Door to Counter

Early bird delivery

Counter to Counter

Items are sent from the senderís local Post Office for overnight delivery to the receiverís Post Office for collection there.

Door to counter

Items are sent from the customer’s door for delivery to the receiver’s Post Office overnight for collection.

Early Bird

Items sent Door to Door will be delivered to the receivers Door by 09:00 the following morning.

Saturday service

After hours service

Pre-paid options

Saturday service

Door collection or delivery between 09h00 and 12h00 on a Saturday. Items on Fridays will be delivered on Monday, unless this service is selected.

After hours

Door collection or delivery after 18h00 weekdays and 12h00 Saturday to 08:00 Monday and public holidays. This service is only available in major centres.

Speed Services Couriers offers customers a pre-paid counter-to-counter option. (This is a bag or stamp which customers purchase on a cash upfront basis. All distribution costs are included in the price of the bag/stamp).