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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to open an account with Speed Services? What are the benefits of having an account versus cash?

There are many benefits our Account Customers enjoy.

bluearrow Account Customers are on a 30day payment plan, so they do not pay upfront.
bluearrow Depending on the monthly billing, account customers can enjoy discounts.
bluearrow Speed Services Couriers offer free Priority Packs exclusive to Account Customers.
bluearrow If you are an account customer, you have the option of Speed Services Couriers collecting your items from the door. Should you wish to find out more, please contact us on 0860 023 133.

Where do you do door deliveries?

We have door deliveries to all the major cities in the country as well as international. Should you be unsure when sending an item, our Network guide is displayed on our Website or alternatively, you may contact our Call Centre on 0860 023 133.

Are my items automatically insured against loss or damage?

No, you would need to request Liability Protection when sending the item. The premium is 1% of the declared value of the item. If you are an account customer, there is a portion of the waybill that needs to be completed. Please note that we do not offer compensation for consequential loss.

Do you offer economy service (3 days)?

We have a standard overnight service with the exception of a few outlying areas, which are 48 hours.

If an item is addressed to a street address, why do my items go to the Post Office?

What makes Speed Services unique in the courier industry is the fact that you have three delivery options and the tracking label must be marked accordingly

bluearrow Door Delivery Option.
bluearrow Counter Delivery (item held at Post Office Counter for collection)
bluearrow PO Box delivery (item is placed into the receivers Post Box)

If you send an item that is addressed to a street address, but the tracking label is not marked, the item will automatically be treated as a "to counter" delivery. It is vitally important that the sender marks the delivery options on the tracking label clearly.

Can I take out Liability Protection if an item is addressed and marked for a Post Box delivery?

Unfortunately, insurance will not be paid for an item marked to PO Box, as there is no proof of delivery on these items. It is suggested that the "to counter" option be used.

If I send an item from a Post Office, what time must I have it there by in order for it to leave the same day?

Each Post Office has a different cut-off time. Our Network Manual indicates these cut-off times; this can be obtained from our website or alternatively the Call Centre can be contacted on 0860 023 133.

Is it necessary to write an address on my item if I have completed a waybill?

Yes as the waybill does not accompany the item to it's destination and is only for accounting purposes. The advantage to this is that only one waybill needs to be completed per shipment (if you have 20 items, you only need to use (waybill).

If I am not an account holder, is it possible for you to collect at my door?

Yes, only if payment has been made prior to collection via credit card.

Are you able to tell me who an item was sent from/to if I give you the tracking number?

We are unable to do this as our tracking system only tells us where the item was last scanned.

Why am I not allowed to address my International items to a Post Box address?

Speed Services are not linked to the International Postal Systems; items can only be delivered to street addresses.

If I send an item on a Friday and mark it "to door" when will the item be delivered?

The item will be delivered the following working day, which would be the Monday. Should you request an item to be delivered on a Saturday, then the required service must be indicated on the tracking label (there is an extra surcharge for this).

What is a pre-paid pack?

It is a counter-to-counter overnight pack. From the Post Office overnight delivery to the receiver's P.O Box, Private Bag or nominated Post Office counter. This is strictly for domestic use only with no liability protection and carries the maximum of 1kg.

Customer Service

Contact our Customer Serivce Centre on 0860 023 133 or on speedservices@postoffice.co.za

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